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Feb 02

Enjoy this new music video of the Barton Hills Choir and Joe Faulhaber (lead vocals and guitar) and Lee Braverman (bass) from Austin Dead cover band DeadEye performing the Grateful Dead’s ‘Scarlet Begonias.’ Backing vocals by 5th and 6th grade Barton Hills Choir members. This is the demo. Stay tuned for the official studio version.


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6 Responses to “BHC and Deadeye sing Grateful Dead’s ‘Scarlet Begonias’”

  1. Rick Barker says:

    Good choice of songs

  2. Rick Barker says:

    Summer 1966..Saw the Dead on Mt. Tamalpais. Yay!

  3. Rick Barker says:

    Summer 1966 I lived in San Mateo on Alameda de los Pulgas.I went to a 3 Day event….on the top of Mt. Tamalpais…… The Doors, Grateful Dead, Fifth Dimension Dionne Warwick. I think part of me is still there.

  4. Josh sweet says:

    I love love watching these videos. Thank you for teaching these kids magic music. Where is this school at?

  5. Roberta bullington says:

    ‘ woohoo..makes me wanna dance like we used to do at the “dead” shows. The BBC kids are great vocalists..great harmonies..I especially like the “do do do dot little rides! Keep it up..music is so much fun..don’t ya think???

  6. Vern McBride says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Better than The Dead themselves.

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