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Jun 10

5th and 6th grade members of the Barton Hills Choir spent time in Stuart Sullivan’s Wire Recording Studio recently, recording ‘Touch of Grey’ with Austin Grateful Dead tribute band Deadeye. Enjoy this video of the event produced by Choir Director Gavin Tabone.

Recorded and mixed at Wire Recording Studio by Stuart Sullivan.
Lead vocals and guitar – Joe Faulhaber.
Rhythm guitar – Keith Sennikoff.
Bass – Lee Braverman.
Drums – Shadd Scott.
Keyboards – Trevor Nealon.


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One Response to “BHC records ‘Touch of Grey’ with Deadeye”

  1. Scott Holdaway says:

    Somehow, hearing how BHC sing The Grateful Dead simply brings me to tears; beautiful, heart born, love soaked tears. They are able to share, to rejuvenate, an innate emotion so raw and true… so moving.
    The effort and commitment that went into these songs, what they have shared of themselves may never be fully appreciated by these kids (in the same way that I am moved) they show a candid passion so effortlessly sprung from that ‘place’ where only children can access, through them, the happiness they bring, this celebration and innocence is a priceless treasure for all of us to fully breathe in!! There is no doubt, the privilege of youth and joy that they, each and every one, their hearts first, powering the cherub chorus, will continue to bring happiness and a purity of love to all who are fortunate enough to listen.

    Sorry, these words fall so short of how precious I see and feel these songs.


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