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Feb 03

Here are four Sock Hop songs for second and third graders to rehearse in preparation for their February 24 show before the PTA meeting. Both audio and sheet music links are provided.

Help Me RhondaHelp Me Rhonda

Tossin’ and Turnin’Tossin’ and Turnin’

Love Potion Number 9Love Potion Number 9


How to play and download songs on the BHC web site

Sheet music (opens in a new window):

Fun facts:

  • “Love Potion Number Nine” was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller who also wrote “Hound Dog” and “Yakety Yak.”
  • In the Beach Boy’s “Help Me Rhonda” the name “Rhonda” appears 45 times, and the word “help” appears 61 times.

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