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Nov 08


This is a video of the Barton Hills Choir performing set 3 of their 2013 Austin City Limits show in the music classroom at Barton Hills Elementary School. The choir performed on the Zilker Stage at ACL on both Fridays of the festival. Set 2 will be available here soon.

This video was shot by Chan Geltemeyer and Kathy Carr and produced/edited by Gavin Tabone. Audio mixed and mastered by Jake Perlman.

Choir director and keyboardist – Gavin Tabone
Drums – Jake Perlman
Bass – Jason Brint
Guitar – Don Cento
Vocals – 5th/6th grade Barton Hills Choir

Set List:
God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
Nowhere Man – The Beatles
Starlight – Muse


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