Apr 07

Barton Hills third and fourth graders perform outside at Eaglestock

This video features Barton Hills third and fourth grade choir members performing at Eaglestock, an outdoor concert held on the playground steps at Barton Hills in front of a large and appreciative crowd. Special guests for the final three songs are Barton Hills second graders.

The choir is accompanied by Aaron “Hair Doctor” Dembe on guitar, Jason “Mr. Boom Boom” Brint on bass, Gavin Tabone on keyboard, Jake “Mr. Bubbles” Perlman on drums, and Amy Geltemayer on violin. Video was taken by Lynn Williamson.

The set list for this performance included:

  • Hear The Noise
  • Race For The Prize
  • Kamera
  • Annie Medley
  • Nowhere Man
  • Dreaming Eagles (joined by second graders)
  • New School Choir Song (joined by second graders)
  • Barton Hills School Song (joined by second graders)

This video is 480×270 pixels, 172 MB, and 25:10 in length, so a high-speed internet connection is highly recommended. Click on image above to play (requires QuickTime).


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