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Mar 11

BHC Visitor Map

The Barton Hills Choir web site uses the amazing and free Google Analytics to track aggregate information about our visitors. It’s fascinating to see how vast the internet audience is for the talented Choir that represents our neighborhood elementary school. Here are some fun facts about the visitors to this web site since it went live on December 1, 2009:

Between December 1 and March 10 there have been 1,783 visits to the Barton Hills Choir web site, with 5,084 page views. Average time spent on the site is 5 minutes 19 seconds, and 35% of the visitors are new, which indicates lots of repeat traffic from the other 65%!

Nearly half of the visitors arrive at the BHC web site by clicking on a direct link like a bookmark or URL in an email. A quarter are referred from other sites (e.g Facebook), and the remaining quarter arrive from search engines (primarily Google).

Over 90% of the visitors are from the US, but the site has also attracted visitors from many other countries, including Brazil, Canada, France, India, Croatia, the Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, Ecuador, Japan, Norway, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Singapore, and Hungary.

As you would expect, the vast majority of US visitors are from Texas, but the site has been viewed by residents of 30 other states as well, with California, New York, Louisiana and Florida topping the list.

The most popular content on the site is the home page, followed by the About the Choir page, and the video category page. The most listened to songs are the new School Choir song and the Annie medley. The most watched video is the Zilker Tree Lighting performance.

50% of the visitors use Macintosh computers to visit the site, 44.5% use Windows, 3.5% use iPhones, and the remaining 2% are split between Linux, iPod, Blackberry, and Android platforms. 53% of visitors connect to the internet via cable, 16.5% via DSL, 17% via T1 or OC3, and 1% via dialup (12.5% are unknown).

The highest number of visitors in one day was 49 on December 2 (the day after Mr. Tabone announced it for the first time via email). Second highest was 42 visitors on December 17 and 22. The most popular time to visit? 4 PM.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, come back soon, and help spread the word by sharing the web site address with friends, family, and colleagues!


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