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May 16

The Barton Hills Choir continues to perform their favorites despite each member and musician being in different locations due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Enjoy this video of the Choir with special guests singing ‘Eyes of the World’

David Gans, Josh Rosen – guitar,
Robert Koritz – drums
Adam Roberts – bass
Aaron Dembe – percussion

Written by Hunter/Garcia
Video produced by Gavin Tabone


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One Response to “BHC performs Grateful Dead classic ‘Eyes of the World’”

  1. Justin says:

    I just found out about these videos via the Dead newsletter and I wanted to say “thanks” to everyone involved in this project. Like a ray of light, every one of the BHS Dead covers brightened my day and brought the biggest smile to face. You’re all super talented and this is exactly the kind of stuff that the world always needs more of. Keep on learning, singing, and smiling, y’all! Lots of love from an old’ Deadhead over here in Zilker.

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