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Mar 18

Fifth and sixth grade members of the Barton Hills Choir performed the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Snail’ before the world premiere of The Smart Studios Story at the Paramount Theater on March 16th as part of the South by Southwest Music Festival.

Jennifer Nichols kindly provided these photos from the event (click to enlarge).

In the first group photo from left to right: Steve Marker and Butch Vig (Smart Studios Founders), Choir Director Gavin Tabone, Wendy Schneider (Smart Studios Story director), Michael Gottschall (rhythm guitar), BHC Choir member, CJ Nichols (bass guitar), Don Cento (lead guitar), Jake Perlman (drums).

Vocals – The Barton Hills Choir
Drums – Jake Perlman
Bass – CJ Nichols
Lead Guitar – Don Cento
Rhythm Guitar – Michael Gottschall
Choir directed and video produced by Gavin Tabone


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