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Oct 11

Here are two fun songs for practice. Octopus’s Garden features Director Gavin Tabone on keyboards, Jake Perlman on drums, and Never Smile at a Crocodile is performed by Aaron Dembe on the electric guitar and Gavin Tabone on keyboards. Vocals for both songs are performed by the sixth grade choir.

Octopus’s GardenOctopus’s Garden

Never Smile at a CrocodileNever Smile at a Crocodile

Fun facts:

  • Octopus’s Garden, from the Beatles’ Abbey Road LP, was composed by drummer Ringo Starr. He was inspired to write it after being told by a boat captain “how octopuses go ’round the sea bed and pick up stones and shiny objects and build gardens.” It was only the second song he had ever written. You can see Ringo and George Harrison working on the song in the movie Let It Be.
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile is from Disney’s animated Peter Pan movie, released in 1953. The music was composed by Frank Churchill, the composer of the score for Snow White, who died in 1942. ¬†Walt Disney asked Jack Lawrence to write lyrics to the clever melodic piece.



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