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Mar 24

Choir members sing the Barton Hills School Choir Song accompanied by
their all-star musicians: Aaron Dembe, Gavin Tabone, and Jake Perlman

Choir Director Gavin Tabone used Final Cut Pro to put together this video that shows the BHE choir and their talented musicians recording the new school Choir song. Through the magic of technology you can see and hear the impressive final combination even though the parts were recorded separately. This video is just a couple of minutes long, but is guaranteed to give you chills of pride and bring a smile to your face.

This video is 480×270 pixels, 14.5 MB in size, and 2:09 in length, so a high-speed internet connection is recommended (but the file size is small enough to play on your iPhone). Click on image above to play (requires QuickTime).

[hidepost]Special Parent/Friends of Choir link: You can watch a special enlarged version of this video (960×540 pixels). It’s 57 MB in size, so a high speed internet connection is recommended.[/hidepost]



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