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Mar 08

Audio files are posted to this web site in standard mp3 format, playable on your computer, iPod, and many home and auto sound systems.

To provide an optimal experience this web site utilizes media formats that are best heard or viewed with the following free browser plugins installed:

If you do not have these plugins installed you may not be able to view video or listen to and download audio files.  Click the links above to open the installation pages in a new window. After installing restart your web browser and return to our site to enjoy the new features.

Once these are installed the song titles will appear in your web browser with a triangle next to them like this:
song titleWhen you click on the triangle to listen to the song the inline music player opens, which looks like this:

song playing

The song will begin to play and you will see the triangle turn into a pause button, with the progress indicated in the line underneath the song title. Elapsed and total time of the song is indicated on the left and a link to download the song appears on the right.

Since browsers can be configured several ways to handle mp3 links, what happens when you click on “download” may differ depending upon your computer and how it is set up to manage the mp3 file type.

If you are using a Macintosh you may need to hold down the OPTION key on your keyboard before clicking the download link, otherwise your web browser may simply open a new window to play the song. On a Windows computer you may need to right-click on the download link to initiate the transfer.

Note: The Safari web browser on the Apple iPhone and iPad does not support Adobe Flash, but does not require it to play the audio or video files on this web site.


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