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Nov 29

Barton Hills Choir rehearses “Brand New Day” from their ACL set during summer, 2009

BHC Parent Jeff Clarkson created a DVD with video from multiple rehearsal sessions and the choir’s performance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.These videos provide a unique insight into the choir’s beginnings during the summer of 2009 as they prepared for their first show which just happened to be at a world-famous music festival that’s held within walking distance of their music room at Barton Hills Elementary.

Video for the DVD was taken by Lynn Williamson and Jeff Clarkson. This video is 320×240 pixels, 12.5 MB, and 3:15 in length. Click on image above to play (requires QuickTime).

This is the fourth selection from the DVD; the remainder will be posted here shortly so check back soon!

Special Choir Parent Link: click here to view this video at twice the size (640×480 pixels). Note that this file is 31.4 MB in size, so is only recommended for high-speed internet connections.[/hidepost]


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2 Responses to “ACL rehearsal video 4 – Brand New Day”

  1. Yliana says:

    oh oh that’s my acl solo

  2. Yliana says:

    even though it took time out of our summer with all of this music work it was really fun and i had a great time

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